Haiti Boys Home Classic

last modified: 16 May 2018
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                 ....... Haiti Boys Home Classic........................ 


    After 26 years, the Haiti Boys Home Classic will not be held this year.

ECFS is in the process of reorganizing and will make our final payment to the Love of Jesus Boys Home this month.

If you been a part of the golf outing in the past and still have a heart for the boys, you are welcome to make a donation at any time.

Please send checks to:  Grace International
                                       P.O. Box 172508
                                       Hialeah, Florida 33017


                                      Star of Hope
                                      PO Box 427
                                      Ellinwood ,KS 67526-0427

A donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated. Please mention ECFS and request the donation go to the Love of Jesus Boys Home.

Thank you for your many years of support of the boys.

Ken Snowden



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